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December 1, 2020

New Mexico Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Relatives TASK FORCE REPORT

Publisher: Native American Budget Policy Institute

This report is informed by the relatives of missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls, along withadvocates, law enforcement, legislators, organizations and community members. Our goal is to share thewords and experiences of families to expose gaps in our justice system and in the resources and servicesfor families, victims and survivors. Our hope is that this report reflects the voices and experiences of ourcommunities and every person who has been impacted or knows someone who has been impacted by thisprofound crisis in our state.

The MMIWR Task Force would like to recognize everyone who shared their experiences and contributed to thisreport and for efforts to bring awareness, justice, critical change and real solutions to the state of New Mexico.This report consists of four main sections, as outlined below:

* The first section provides an overview of the MMIWR legislation that serves as the foundation for the workof the task force and the research summarized in this report.* The second section is an overview of the background and contextual considerations for MMIWR in NewMexico.* The third section provides a summary of the findings of the research conducted for the state of NewMexico so far. This includes analysis of data provided by jurisdictions and case studies of informationprovided by families.* The fourth section is an overview of the core findings from our research, and policy recommendationsgenerated by this research and the wider community. We conclude this fourth section with a discussion ofthe next steps for the MMIWR Task Force and research partners.