Boarding School and Land Allotment Eras 1879-1933


Restriction Act of 1908 defrauds Choctaw allottees

The Act removes restrictions on classes of allottees and transfers jurisdiction over administration of Indian estates and inheritance from the federal level to the local county courts, to "expedite land-ownership transactions." Strategies to defraud and steal land by grifters and land speculators continue under this act, as local courts and non-Native citizens familiar with local property laws collude with non-Native guardians of Choctaw allotments and attorneys to defraud allottees, with no federal oversight or accountability. "Court investigations of transactions during 1909 and 1910 resulted in federal indictments of more than one hundred persons for unlawful timber cutting on tribal land. Numerous sawmills and cutting operations were closed during this period for operating illegally in the Choctaw Nation (Faiman-Silvan, 1988)."

Settler Colonial Policy