Strategic Alliances and Trail of Broken Treaties 1700-1799


Massacre of Susquehannock and last members of the Conestoga Tribe (Pennsylvania)

Lithograph of the Paxton massacre at Lancaster
Lithograph of the Paxton massacre at Lancaster

In response to Pontiac’s rebellion, Pennsylvania colonists led by the Paxton Boys massacre 20 peaceful Susquehannock at Conestoga Town and Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Fourteen of the 20 Indians who are murdered had originally been placed in jail for their safety (Nies, 1996). Land is also illegally seized. Benjamin Franklin writes a broadside attacking them, but the killers are not punished. The Paxton Boys succeed in killing the last living members of the Conestoga Tribe. Colonials also kill and scalp Indians in Virginia, Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, Colorado, Arizona, California, New Mexico, and other states. Indians return the favor, killing and scalping White people in as many states. (; (“List of Indian massacres”).

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