Boarding School and Land Allotment Eras 1879-1933


Kamehameha Schools are founded for the education of Native Hawaiian children, require English as the sole medium of instruction

Kamehameha Schools' logo.
Kamehameha Schools' logo.

The first principal at Kamehameha is a man named William Oleson. The Reverend Oleson was a member of a haole committee that forced a rewritten constitution on Kalakaua, sharply limiting the king’s power, known as the Bayonet Constitution. One of the first orders William Oleson gives at Kamehameha is to ban the Hawaiian language. English is the only language accepted for work time and play time at school. Hawaiian is forbidden in the classroom and on the playing fields, and the boys are punished if they are heard speaking the language of their families (Nakata, 2017).

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